by Essa

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Freestyle + RMX = FRMX ... FRMX x 3 = FRMX3

Third in a series of free download EPs of freestyles, remixes and experiments by Essa.


released November 15, 2013




Essa London, UK

It's not your typical rap sheet. Born in a leafy suburb, educated at a prestigious boarding school and qualified as a city lawyer. But somewhere along the way (under former name Yungun) Essa became a key figure in UK hip-hop's "golden era" with shameless party joints, cryptic love songs, bilingual Spanglish wordplay and soul-searching escapism, earning nods from the likes of Nas and Mark Ronson. ... more

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Track Name: Hey You! ft. Devise
Verse one (Essa):

Game changer, brain strainer
Rain maker, hay maker, risk taker,
Hip shaker, criss flavour,
Sip, savour, wait, hold on...
Resume mission, with new vision,
Dude listen, true spitting, we slew riddim,
We rule Britain, new king in town,
The shoe's fitting, the suit's linen
They're like keep it simple for them Yge
You ask me that isn't good advice advice
You catch it first time you won't listen to it twice
So I packed a verse tight with the intricate delights, like
The asthmatic, rap addict, back at it
With that magic, black magic
My track classic, your track tragic
A wack racket, sack it, jack it in like a bad habit

HEY YOU! (hook)


It's been a while since I came through
So if you lost touch I don't blame you
You just rocked up? Welcome to phase two
Essa's the name and I came to entertain you
HEY YOU! Dupa styles in the building
HEY YOU! How you feel how you feeling
HEY YOU! Raise your hands to the ceiling
HEY YOU! Standard proceedings

Verse two (Devise):

Sat back and I cotch
Osho Rajneesh Bhagwan a’ watch
Bandanna on, Rachmaninov
Your girlfriend's back play backgammon off
Check the back catalogue
Respect the tracks and the songs
I'm back man so watch
The capitan the boss
The champion that man's cantankerous
You act like you and you mans handle glocks
And bang bang and pop that black cannon off
A badman you're not, a gang banger? Stop
Like batman and robin I backhand 'em off
I bang bang a lot
But with my pants round my socks
Get Hannah montana's thong and her soft black panties off
Then wham bam thank you ma'am and I'm off
Stranded and lost
Ram from Afghanistan to Bangkok
In Amsterdam that's where that stopped
When I got caught carrying a bag of crack rock
Ransacked **** *****'s pad
Did a handstand w**k in my pants and ran off
I'm a madman like Yasser Arafat was
Give the man a standing handclap and hats off

Track Name: Diesel (101 Speed FRMX)
YO I'm a spit that FLOW that'll rip that SHOW man it's easy as tic "tic" tac "tac" TOE
I'm a get that DOUGH I'm a get cash FLOW you got a problem with it let "let" that "that" GO
It's my time to shine right now
Yge Climb into the limelight now
You ain't ready to pick up the pace then LET IT GO yo ....

On your marks set race
Now lets see who's the faster
Either make haste or Make space for the master
Can't take the pace I'll be moonwalking past ya
Now you're ...
Face to face with a smooth talkin bastard
How you like that Life in the fast lane
You might as well be right back at the start again
Four-wheel-drive moving over harsh terrain
while you amble down a country lane
GIVE IT UP switch gears on em SHIFT EM UP
Double that speed PICK IT UP PICK IT UP
I'm a do rappers like Michael Schumacher
Wanna beat me to the line then move backwards
The speed racer, the dream chaser
Choke on my exhaust fumes and eat vapours
Drive with my eye on the prize I need papers
Ride or die by the side see ya laters!

YO I'm a spit that FLOW that'll rip that SHOW man it's easy as tic "tic" tac "tac" TOE
I'm a get that DOUGH I'm a get cash FLOW you got a problem with it let "let" that "that" GO
It's my time to shine right now
Yge Climb into the limelight now
You ain't ready to pick up the pace then LET IT GO move aside bruv give up the race and LET IT GO

Yo, Pit stop for a minute...
And then I'm off I'm a win it
You know the kid's in pole position
I'm in the Grand Prix while you're riding a donkey
That's off key but you know it's the truth
Go through the roof every time I flow in the booth
And I told you before, Essa bad with the pen and pad
Cup's up for grabs when i see the chequered flag
Lemme rev it Up a little more and start tearing up the flippin floor
open up like a swinging door
UH Show them punks what I'm in it for
It's Immature but I just wanna win it all
Clock's ticking , ya better think fast
Essa swing past and you're left in an impasse
Your big chance is getting slim fast like fat people ... now that's diesel
Track Name: Higher and Hire
Come and check me I’m for hire
Come and check me I’m for hire
Come and check me I’m for hire
But you pay cash if you wanna get me on a flyer

Come and check me I’m for hire
Come and check me I’m for hire
Come and check me I’m for hire
And I blaze tracks brother you get me, I’m the fire

There ain’t nothing in this life for free
You want Yge better find the P, supply the fee I’m for
HIRE see nowadays I’m getting my cash right
‘cause Ess on the track’s like petrol when a match strike
FIRE hot enough to make you perspire
See I’m catcy with the words like a flipping advert writer
Who said that they can rock a verse tighter?
You need to go slow like a hearse driver with a burst tire
These big talkers make the worst liars
Talk’s cheep when you ain’t saying nothing deep like a girl’s choir
They see me and catch nerves like a first timer
‘cause I’m the one who makes their girlfriend’s purse lighter
She told you that she didn’t even like rap
She heard my track now she wanna buy that
Using your cash, and you don’t like that
She saw the show and came right back said “are you for hire?”, I said


I worked hard just to make this far
And now I’m here I’m gonna raise the bar, aim for the stars and go
HIGHER straight to the tip of the top
But don’t just give me the props, give me the dosh, I’m for
HIRE I’m good value, I don’t come cheap
But then again you know I don’t come weak, the flow’s just heat
HIRE hire Ess and I’m a bless ‘em with pure styles
I lay down patterns like I’m setting some floor tiles
And I don’t do it for the love do I look like I’m stupid to you bruv?
Don’t be fooling with me cuz
I’ve got love for the scene and a lust for the cream
Two extremes, so you know there must be stuff in between
And I don’t care if it’s wicked promotion
Just act like the pizza boy, bring me the dough, son
Because tonight we’ll be doing it my way
I say jump, you say how high, and then I say …

Track Name: Deep ft. LSK

When I speak on this track for people in flats and houses
It's deeper than that you need to relax, allow this
To seep into that mind and give you forethought
We're all caught in this crossfire of small talk
But talk's cheap and the price could get cheaper
So don't waste your credits 'cos life can get deeper than who said what where when how who's who
Signalled in the smoke of the screens that you're glued to
In solitude gotta move through that YouTube
The nearer you get Ye clearer it gets to view through
Find those minds that are weakened and teach 'em
But how can we reach 'em without trying to speech 'em?
It gets deep as it does on my breath
I never sleep 'cause sleep is the cousin of death
I'm on a stairway to heaven but there's mud on my kreps
So if I slip there'll be blood on the steps... That's deep


Still no street wisdom on the curriculum
Got to come deep to reach when you're teaching them
That's why most of them roam the streets 'cause you're failing them
You gotta come deeper


When I'm left on my own I get in the zone
With no path to my thoughts I'm just letting them roam
I won't care if you're knocking or your belling my phone
It's like the lights are on but Ess isn't home
Want a Penny for my thoughts? A penny, you reckon?
When my mind's on my grind like 24/7
365 bredren
As you can learn a life lesson in less than 365 seconds
I'm trying to be equipped for life's blessings
Seize them quick when time beckons pick the right weapons
Make the big wigs out lay the big chips get paid for kicks just like Beckham
Inhale deep as it does on my breath
I never sleep, 'cause sleep is the cousin of death
I live life to the limit so I’m under some stress
But if I didn’t I’d be loving it less … and to me that’s deep



What’s deep? Deep is when the radio cuts out your speech
Deep is which words are rubbed out with bleeps
The deep time’s past the watershed
‘cause certain things slide when the kids are all in bed
But what’s deep though is how they figure
That you can’t say f**k but you can say N***er
They reverse the verses and edit the curses
But leave in the word that reminds us we’re worthless
And 50 couldn’t have a gun in a poster
‘cause it spread violence and he wasn’t supposed to
But how come I walked out my flats and seen one
Of Keira flipping Knightley with a fat machine gun
Inhale deep as it does on my breath
I never sleep, 'cause sleep is the cousin of death
I’m not blaming anybody, that’s something I stress
It’s just crazy what we’ve come to accept … and to me that’s deep

Track Name: Amends FRMX ft. Devise

New day, same old shit
In this paper chase race trying to make those quids
We spend money so fast that we made so quick
To build houses on sand out of playdough bricks
And everybody stays in debt
That’s it, put it on the plastic, that’s the way we’re kept
We’ll pay 300 pounds for an Avirex
Pay for sex but no-one wants to pay respect
It’s like, you’re born and then it starts, you take a breath and gasp
And that first breath is charged to your credit card
Interest is large it’s such a charge
So all we think about is getting ours any chance
But nothing ever lasts forever
Things that we treasure will get weathered from a wing to a feather
From a castle that’s fit for a king to a cellar
Clinging to pleasure forever won’t bring us together
And a coffin made of gold won’t save your soul
When Saint Peter’s at the gate hope you paid the toll
‘Cause we’ve all got a place to go, we’ve got to find a way
What’s going on in this life today?



I’m stumbling
I’m pissed I’m drunk again
I pitched up, slipped up and stumbled into
This big rut once again
But what goes up and up must come plummeting
You f***ed up? Tough luck my friend
You gotta summon up the strength to suck up the punishment
Pluck up the courage and stomach it
Just another Sunday I stumbled in unshaven
I been up late, I been up raving
I been bunning it up, I been drunk, I been drug taking
Been up caning it I’m fading
But now I’m in a need to fix up blatant
F**k it I’m wasted, but the bank statement’s saying
“Wake up James, get the funds paid in
You need to pay up James do some fundraising”
Ah mate, f**k’s sake, I’ll stay up late
And make up ways to double my class A uptake
I’m laid up, wondering if I’ll change one day
And face up to the suffering and pain I create
Straight up, troubled by day to day stuff
Since day one I struggled to maintain a hustle
The same way I juggled high grade eights of skunk
If you got a blunt on you mate blaze it up
If you got enough on your plate take a cup
Fill it with some bubbles and hey, raise it up
I been in the running from playstation one
The same day my pain made way for love
I changed up my game raised the pace up
Chilled with a couple of mates for a couple of days
And I love ‘em ‘cause they stayed in touch
From grey days to sun from daybreak to dusk, what’s up?
Track Name: All For You
This … one … is … all… for…

YOU, something I swore never to do
Nothing more, nothing less than a letter to you
Just for YOU, something that’s all genuine too
And I don’t care who hears when I get in the booth
It’s right here for your ears it’s forever the proof
So when we look back and remember our youth
We can think sit together and, just think of everything
We did together, reassemble the truth
REMEMBER a mad night with a crazy cab ride
I had to buy petrol to pay the damn guy
REMEMBER a summer hot as a fever
You wanted a fan but all you got was a heater
REMEMBER white sand on a beach
Not a soul in sight and no hand could’ve reached
The details could get deep, so let’s keep
The rest between me, you and the bedsheets


It’s for HER ‘cause she’s the pick of the pile
It’s for HER but I’m a let you listen a while
And I don’t really care if you’re dissing the style
It’s worth it, just to see her raise the littlest smile
She used to hold my head when she wanted me to sleep right
Even filled my fridge when she wanted me to eat right
Remember once she was underneath a streetlight
Singing in the rain, even tapping her feet right
I laugh ‘cause she’s always asking hard questions
And when you need answers fast you can’t guess them
Was so hard trying to tell her that I love her
Then again it’s so hard putting anyone above her
So now I’m taking a chance, and a big one
By making a gift out of this song
It’s something that you can’t take back if the fit’s wrong
But it’s one thing I’m down to take a risk on, this one’s